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Real Estate Development

Lojezco Prime Limited, deploy the best professional in the real estate industry that seeks to develop homes from bare lands, and also improve already developed properties.

The following are the purposes of the company.

  • Building state of the art homes tailored for client specifications.
  • Developing building blueprints for clients and assign them through the design process.
  • Investing in undervalued residential real estate properties for the purpose of renovating or rehabilitation.
  • To manage the residential properties that are rented and held for the longer term.
  • To manage the portfolio of real estate assets.

Building & Civil Engineering

At Lojezco Prime Limited, our engineers take charge of managing all construction projects. Among other things, they are responsible for making the design of the projects.

Our eengineers plan, design, and employ a systematic apprising of every project at hand before work commences.

We undertake these projects

  • Roadways, ranging from simple-level residential streets to complex overpasses and tunnel
  • Bridges, from basic roadway crossings to massive bridges
  • Major transportation hubs

Surveying & Mapping

Here at Lojezco Prime Limited, all surveys done for our valued customers will be conducted in accordance with the Standards of Practice set forth in the Land Commission of the country.

Our professional land surveyors use an intricate combination of law, math, engineering, and physics to work out and establish property boundaries.

Clients can request for our professional services when:

  • Buying or selling a home or parcel of land;
  • Dividing land into smaller parcels or consolidating parcels
  • Installing fences, septic systems or other improvements
  • Suspecting someone is encroaching on your property



Land Sales & Related Services

Lojezco Prime Limited also engages with sales of land across the country. We have secure good and ligation free land that has been audited by government agencies and approved for sales by us.

All our properties are affordable and environment conductive to make living comfortable.

All acquisitions of land goes through the standard procedures making all document and particulars are in their respects.

We aid clients through the acquisition process from preparing site plans, indentures, lawyers and other relevant documents with no hustle.


General Merchants

We deal and outsource General goods, General merchandise items for our clients.
Items and goods includes, all building materials such sand, cement, nail, wood etc.
Being a one of the leading building entity in the country, positive results has been our priority and there is no reasons for not being able to execute, hence we are determined to achieve our cost effective control by issuing reasonable and realistic rate and quotations as much as practicable.

We are affordable and moderate to serve all category of people, as a reason of our bargaining power for the benefits of our potential clients.

Lojezco Prime Limited have the expertise across the areas of our product and services. We operate under a combination of decade experience, committed to Health & Safety personnel at our back officer, hence you are assured of quality service

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